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Tasting Room

The Hanukkah Collection

Get ready to spread love and light during Hanukkah with our sweet collection of kosher-certified gifts! This year we’re excited to introduce our Hanukkah “8 Nights of Light” Tasting Box. This beautiful gift was made …


Style a Spooky Chic Halloween Party

DÈCOR TIPS & TRICKS INSPIRED BY OUR SCARY GOOD TREATS! Looking for spooky inspiration to host a Halloween dinner party, or fun treats to trick your boos and ghouls? Our new collection will …


Coming Soon: Next-Level Sweetness

Sweet gaming fun is coming to Sugarfina with a brand new and limited-edition candy collection. Want early access? Plus, access for future special collections? Sign up today for Sugarfina Rewards. Reward members have …

Tasting Room


Be “beary” popular at work! Enter to win an Alfred ❤️ Sugarfina Collection “Coffee Break” of Cold Brew Bears® to spread sweetness to your whole office. Cold Brew Bears® are the world’s first …