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Galentine’s Day Pop Tarts with Caitlin Lee


A Letter From Caitlin: Hi again friends! It’s Caitlin from the lifestyle site Public Lives, Secret Recipes. A major part of my site (& life!) is baking. I absolutely looove it, especially when …

A Letter From Caitlin:

Hi again friends! It’s Caitlin from the lifestyle site Public Lives, Secret Recipes. A major part of my site (& life!) is baking. I absolutely looove it, especially when I can create recipes that y’all love to recreate. That’s the dream for me. You might recognize some of my baking from Sugarfina’s feed when I create Rosé flavored pop-tarts that were topped with none other than their infamous Rosé flavored gummy bears! That was easily one of my all-time favorite recipes to create & eat. This year for Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day in our case) I had a bunch of girlfriends over to bake & create our very own Pop-Tart party! Everyone got super creative with their flavors! A few of my favorite ideas people had were Rose flavored pop-tarts that were topped with rose icing (simply use the same recipe as below but swap the liquid for rose water) & Bella Rosa candies, Hot Lips gummies on top of the pop-tarts with fresh ginger shaving, & so much more. I created two different types at the party that I’ll be sharing step-by-step directions with you below! My flavors were Neapolitan Ice Cream Pop-Tarts & Caramel Apple Pop-Tarts. I used Sugarfina’s candy as my inspiration, as did the other ladies at the party, & they all turned out beyond tasty. To make the base of the pop-tarts you can either use my homemade dough recipe or a prepackaged dough to make it super simple (the latter is especially great if you’re in a time crunch). I laid out tons of ingredients for guests to decorate their pop-tarts with. Some of these ingredients were: Sugarfina Candy Cubes®, icings, sprinkles, ice cream cones, fresh ginger, coconut water, champagne (depending on the age of your party, of course!), caramel sauce, hot fudge, fresh fruit, peanut butter, the list can go on & on. The results were so phenomenal that the girls & I decided we’ll do this party every holiday as an excuse to celebrate & eat all the goodness Sugarfina has to offer ? Below is a detailed list of what you’ll need to throw this party yourself, how to make the pop-tarts, & how to decorate them. I encourage y’all to get super creative! So long as you’re replacing liquid for liquid & filling for filling, you can really easily create whatever flavors you’d like.


  • prepackaged dough (pie crust works great!) or homemade dough
  • jam, apple pie mixture, or other fillings
  • powdered sugar
  • lemon juice, water, apple juice, melted ice cream, or other icing mixtures
  • egg yolk
  • Sugarfina Candy Cubes®
  • additional toppings
  • forks, knifes, plates, bowls
  • pastry brush
  • parchment paper
  • baking sheet


Step 1


Cut dough into 4 x 2.5 inch rectangles for large or 1 x .5 inch rectangles for mini pop-tarts. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper & preheat oven according to recipes instructions. Place half of the rectangles on the parchment paper & fill with desired filling (I used apple pie filling for the caramel apple ones & strawberry jam for the Neapolitan ice cream ones).


In a small bowl, combine one egg yolk & 2 tbsp of water. Brush the edges of the filled dough with the egg wash. Place evenly sized dough on top of the filled dough & press down on the sides to close pop-tarts.

Step 2
Step 3


Press the edges of the dough with a fork to secure rectangles together. Bake according to recipes instructions (if using prepackaged dough bake according to the packaging but watch closely) or until golden brown.


Remove pop-tarts from oven & let cool. In a clean bowl, make your icing with 4-6 tbsp liquid (I used melted vanilla ice cream for the Neapolitan flavor & apple juice for the caramel apple flavor) & 2 cups powdered sugar.

Step 4
Finished Goodness


It’s time to decorate! Drizzle your icing over pop-tarts & top immediately with desired toppings (I used Sugarfina’s Ice Cream Cones candies plus crushed cones for the Neapolitan ones & Sugarfina’s Caramel Apple candies plus caramel sauce for the caramel apple ones). Serve & enjoy!

Yummy Decorated Pop Tart