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I DO! THE TOP 5 SWEETEST (EVER) BRIDESMAID PROPOSAL IDEAS There’s nothing sweeter than a wedding celebration. And there’s nothing better than having your favorite ladies (or gents) stand beside you on the …


There’s nothing sweeter than a wedding celebration. And there’s nothing better than having your favorite ladies (or gents) stand beside you on the big day. But now that you’ve already said “YES,” how do you make it official (and super special) with your bridesmaids? After all, they’ve been through it all with you...and they, too, deserve to be proposed to in the sweetest style. And we’re not talking a simple card or call — we’re talking all-out fabulous and over-the-top creative. So, without further ado, our five favorite bridesmaid proposal ideas — from the sweet and sentimental to a themed event that will definitely get the party started early:


Want to create a custom way to ask your best ladies (or gents) to stand beside you on your big day? Following our simple DIY instructions to turn our Candy Bento Box® into a personalized, photo-filled memento they’ll cherish long after the treats are gone! Simply customize with a Sugarfina Will You Be My Bridesmaid 3pc Candy Bento Box® and let your pics do the talking while you pop the question. Or, after the wedding, relive the excitement and say thank you to the sweetest bridal party on earth with a personalized Thank You 3pc Candy Bento Box® for your best gals or maid of honor. And because they’re all wonderfully unique, top it off with three of their favorite sweets (we love Dark Chocolate Champagne Bears, Pink Diamonds and Champagne Bubbles in keeping with the bridal theme).
Will You Candy Bento


At the top of our list for things we don’t do enough: an all-day spa day. And we can’t think of a better way to propose to your squad than with a day spent enjoying some good-old-fashioned pampering. Our tip for popping the question in laid-back but luxurious style: Put an all-day save-the-date on their calendars but keep quiet about the details. When you share where you’ll be going the night before, they’ll be thrilled — and can pack accordingly. And when they show up at the spa, you’ll have individual tote bags (filled with goodies) and mimosas at the the ready. Inside of each of your ladies’ bags: cute flip-flops and squad sweats, some fruit-infused water, a magazine or two, and a host of delicious wedding-themed sweets — think: Rosé Fruttini, Pink Chocolate Sparkling Rosé Bears and our 24K Gold Swizzle Sticks. And, you can keep the actual asking as low key as the day: while lounging at the pool after a day of treatments sounds just perfect.


Though ideal, it’s not always realistic to be able to propose to your favorite ladies in person. But a long-distance proposal doesn’t have to be any less special or thoughtfully planned. We love the idea of a custom gift box filled with memories, sweet favorites and a beautifully written note that will do the asking for you. Things to pack inside your over-the-top care package: items that nod to inside jokes and meaningful times in your friendship, things that could be used on the big day, including nail polish and a sheet mask, along with her favorite indulgences — including (of course) sweets. She may be partial to Sugarfina sweet and sour Watermelon Slices gummies and Sour Rainbows, but you can always throw in 24K Gold Rosé Bears for good (celebratory) measure. And we promise, she’ll be just as touched as if you were there to do the proposing in person.


You’ll rarely see a wedding without flowers, and our next idea combines the two, with a bridesmaid proposal that takes place over some blooms — namely: a floral workshop. If you don’t already have a favorite local florist, seek one out and arrange a private event for you and your squad (this research could also come in handy when identifying your floral artist for the big day). Then, stock each flower-arranging station with their favorite blooms, a handwritten note asking them to stand by your side, some sweet floral-themed candies — including our But First, Rosé Roses, Kyoto Blossoms and Bella Rosa — and, of course, a bit of bubbly to sip throughout the experience. The wonderful part: your besties will leave with their beautiful arrangements (and as what is now your bride tribe).
Bella Rosa Candy


We love a theme. And we also love a party. So this bridesmaid proposal idea may just take the cake. Ahem, candy. Last on our list potential of proposal ideas: a champagne-themed fete that also just happens to be a girls night in. We never met a night with the ladies we didn’t like, but sometimes the best ones are those spent hanging at home. So we’re all about inviting the girls over for a casual get-together where you’ll just happen to pop the question. Also: champagne. Lots of it. First things first, start with our Pop The Champagne Gift Set (one for each of your ladies). Inside you’ll find two sparkling champagne flutes and three of our best-selling champagne candies made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne: Champagne Bears, Bubbly Bears, and Baby Champagne Bears. Follow with all things sparkling, including champagne for popping (and popping the question) and festive decor. And voila, you’ve created the perfect proposal setting that may or may not turn into an all-out dance party. Either way, trust us: they’ll say yes.
Champagne Glass Table
So there you have it, five of the best ways to propose to your bridesmaids in sweet style. But the sweet stuff doesn’t stop there, we’ve got plenty of ideas (and amazing candy) to make your wedding everything you hoped for, and more. From warm welcome boxes to playful plate settings to the most festive of favors — our completely customizable party offering will make all your wedding dreams come true. Case in point: this magical celebrity wedding, which was sprinkled in custom Sugarfina sweetness. And, be sure to check out this article for all our inspo and ideas for the perfect custom wedding details, including goodies you won’t want to forget for the bachelorette party, ways to sweeten up the seating chart, an over-the-top customized and colorful Sugarfina Candy Bar, and notes to say thanks — for everyone from your guests to your wedding photographer.